Baltic tours and attractions

What you can experience if you go on a Baltic tour!

Baltic Tours will lead you to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, the Baltic States located in Europe. With the unique architecture of the buildings, the breathtaking scenery and the historic towns, the Baltic States is a must visit. Travel Baltics helps tourist visit the Baltic States to explore the other side of Europe. Being a popular tourist destination, there is a list of the finest attraction sites frequented by tourists. Some of them are listed below:

Old Town, Estonia

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia boasts of being one of the cities with a well preserved past. One of the sites worth visiting in Tallinn is Old Town. Established in the 13th century, there is a lot of old buildings with very unique architectural designs that will blow your mind. The Toompea Hill gives a breathtaking view of the Old Town. There is a platform established from where the view from the Old Town and into the modern city is most clear.

Baltic sightseeing

Old Riga, Latvia Having being renamed as European Capital of Culture in the year 2014, the Old Riga is ranked among the best attractions in the city. Old Riga is the historical and geographical center of the city. The buildings here including the Riga Cathedral and the White Stone Palace are a representation of the past architectural designs. These buildings give visitors the thrill of witnessing the beautiful ancient architecture.

Parnu, Estonia

Located near the sea, it takes two hours for you to drive to Parnu from Tallinn. It has many attraction sites including the annual Hanseatic festivals. These festivals have been carried down generations since it was an important Hanseatic city in the 13th century, when it was established. Having a variety of attractions to choose from including the cultural festivals and the coastal beaches and resorts, Parnu is a city worth visiting with Travel Baltic’s.

House of Blackheads, Latvia

It was first constructed in the year 1334 for the purpose of being a meeting point for Riga’s social organizations. The Blackheads’ society mainly used this building for celebrations in the 1700s. During the Second World War, the building was burnt to the ground but reconstructions were done and completed in 1999. There has also been some major reconstructions done over the years so that the heritage of this house can be enjoyed by visitors.

Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

True to its name, this place is a popular pilgrimage site that is covered in crosses. These crosses are placed here by the pilgrims who come here to pray. The crosses being an accompaniment of prayers offered, can be bought from the local souvenir merchants. The crosses here vary in size, shape and even color and collectively, they are pieces of art worth exploring.

Gates of Dawn, Lithuania The capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, houses the Gates of Dawn among many other historical and religious sites worth visiting. It is the only gate left among five other gates of the city that were built between 1503 and 1522. It is believed to have miracle workers and has the painting of the Virgin Mary. The painting of the Virgin Mary has granted the gates the name of The Holy Mother of God of The Gates of Dawn. It is also a very popular pilgrimage site for visitors.

AHHAA Science Centre, Estonia

There is various exhibitions of science and technology in this center. Workshops, shows and presentations are done here to entertain and educate the visitors. It is the center of all the information on the inventions in the field of science and technology and helps people of all ages and social status to appreciate science and technology.

Jurmala, Latvia

It is a town near the Baltic Sea and offers accommodation to visitors who visit the Baltic States. With its unspoiled nature, this town has sandy beaches and pine forests that provide a cool breeze and shade while relaxing on the beaches. There is also a wide range of accommodation facilities in the town to provide quality relaxation to the visitors. It is the best site to visit for people on vacation to relax and have fun activities by the beaches.


The Baltic States located in Europe are a must visit for tourists who wish to explore nature, history, culture, religion and science. The cities of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have all these aspects that visitors would like to explore. Depending on your time and resources, you should visit as many places as you can to appreciate nature and have fun. So go ahead and find your own Baltic tour to explore.