5 Things to see in Baltic States

If you are planning to visit the Baltic States, you should know a little more about what is where and how best to enjoy your trip here. The Baltic States comprises of countries such as; Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia and each of these countries offer great attractions that make this region in Europe a must-visit for every adventurous traveler.

Did you know that the Baltic states became independent in the year 1991 from the USSR? The name, Baltic’s comes from their location point; that is the Baltic Sea, on the Eastern Shore.

The magic in the Baltic State should not be missed, and this article features 5 top attractions that are worth visiting with some of the best Baltic castles situated there. https://www.aroundlatvia.com/baltic-tours/

1. The Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia

The capital of Estonia in Tallinn and it is the Northernmost of the Baltic States. This place is a home to a number of attractions. If you are in Tallinn, then you surely need to visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.
And while at it, don’t miss the walk up the Toompea Hill. This hill offers an amazing view of the Old town, especially if you are visiting the Kohtuotsa viewing platform. If you happen to be visiting in December, then the Christmas market should be part of your stop-by spots. If you are fond of castles do visit Kadriorg castles as it is one of the best Baltic Castles in Estonia.

2. House of Blackheads, Latvia

House of Blackheads in Riga

Riga is the capital of Latvia and is a very central location, both in Latvia and the Baltic States.The House of Blackheads was built in 134 and was constructed to conduct various social meetings in Riga. This place also works wonders for celebrations. While in Riga, enjoy the nightlife there, and yes – the Riga Baltic castles are again an amazing option.

You can visit the Three Brothers houses and it is virtually difficult to ignore them. These three houses are the oldest in Riga. One of them was built in the 15th century, the other two in the 16th and the 17th century respectively. They are located in the MazaPils Street

3. Vilnius; Trakai Baltic Castles

Trakai Island Castle

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and is located in the Southernmost area of the Baltic States. It is about 20 km from the West of the Belorussian border. While in Vilnius, make time to visit the Trakai Baltic castles; it is one of the most popular tourist attractions there.

The other Baltic castle is the Gediminas castle, located in the Upper Castle, Vilnius. It is a 3-story building that was built in the 15th century. All in all, the city is quite affordable so don’t shy off from splurging in some souvenirs. If you are a foodie, try the Gusto Blynine pancakes in the old town.

4. Alatskivi Castle, Estonia

The Baltic States is the home to some amazing and refreshing Baltic castles, and one of them is the Alatskivi Castle that was built in the 17th century. It is situated in Alatskivi Parish, Tartu County. A renovation in the 2000s era made it into a museum. This amazing castle is surrounded by different ancillary buildings and a forested park. This place is not to be missed.

5. Tallinn Town Wall

This wall connects the Sauna, Kuldjala and the Nunna towers. If you want to have a good view of the wall from the inside, head to these towers at the Northwest end corner of the Old Town. Visitors can climb up the tower top and explore the wall. Plus, it offers an amazing view of the red-tiled roof of the Old Town.

The Baltic States offer some affordable and stunning sightseeing places to visit. Don’t forget to visit the numerous Baltic Castles during your trip and learn more of the heritage of the locals here.


If you plan to visit this beautiful place, one option is to go on a Shore excursion.



Also known as the Baltic countries or Baltics these are the three countries in the northern Europe and Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. They are Estonia Latvia and Lithuania and despite having been independent for over twenty five years and are a must see places though they are often disregarded as a traveling destination but to the contrary exploring Baltic State there are a hot bed of sites to visit. They offer beautifully secured historic sites that are well preserved. A trip in the Baltic state cannot be complete without visiting and exploring various sites including all available while exploring Baltic States:


Visiting Estonia will guarantee you to see quite a substantial number of islands. There are 2,222 islands din Estonia where many of them are small and un- inhabited offering sites for excursions. A must see place among all this islands is the Saaremaa the largest island in Estonia. Among the things on a Baltic Tour is the adjoining Island Muhu that is not only easily accessible and offers colorful array of colors and setting. It also offers beautiful beaches, is a good location for nature sports. For those interested in culture the Kinhu Island also known as the “women’s” island usually still preserved due to the remoteness. For nature lovers the Tallinn coast offers the Prangli an island with rustic accommodation for camping and nature lovers.


During the 1831 uprising against the Russian government soldiers and their families left crosses at the battle site North of Lithuanian city of Siauliai and this became a tradition. This site became known as Hill of crosses. This is a breath taking site where one can get to relieve the History of the region and one of the activities to relive in a Baltic Tour.


This is the capital of Lithuania and offers a major attraction and activities to try out on a Baltic tour due to providence of hot air ballooning as it is allowed within the city. Partaking in hot air balloon allows you to enjoy the scenery over the Vilnius which is a UNESCO world heritage site and the vast city. This will make your Baltic trip a success.


During the 19th and 20th centuries Riga the capital city of Latvia enjoyed prosperity and are primed for the Art Nouveau architecture with the city prospering and blooming with unique eclectic buildings. As a must see one has to visit the home of the prolific architect existing in that period Mikhail Eisenstein, whose family resided in Alberta Iela that illustrates some of the best architectural style in the city which also houses the famed museum.


A Baltic trip cannot be complete without a visit to this site. The enlightening museum that is dedicated to the history in the Soviet era enjoined in the museum where travelers get a chance to see the cells and interrogation rooms that the KGB used. They are a must visit site since they provide the chilling effects especially in the Tallin version of the Museum of Genocide Victims. Visitors can climb on the top floor of the Viru Hotel to get a good view of the command center used by KGB officers to spy on the hotel guests.


Rundale palace

Designed and commissioned by famed mansion architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli the palace is a must visit as it was built over several decades and at the site an earlier castle. Later used by military and school the massive 54 room is a major visiting site.


People from Baltic are famed for their love for music and there are a big number of annual festivals taking place throughout the region and are open for the visitors. A must visit concert is the Loftas Fest part of the Vilnius City Fiesta that changes the industrial and massive complex into a full weekend long music festival and arts. This event takes place in September and another one in July in the seaside city of Salacgrīva. If in Estonia a hub for singing revolution there is a festival in every spring offering a wide array of acts